Paul Viney is to stand as the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate for the High Harrogate ward in the local council elections on May 22nd.

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TUSC is supported by the rail union RMT as well as other socialists and trade unionists. There are currently 476 TUSC candidates standing in the May council elections, contesting seats across 80 local authorities. This will be the biggest left of Labour electoral challenge in local elections since the immediate aftermath of World War Two.

Paul worked for Harrogate Council for 14 years and has been a shop steward for the Unison and UCATT trade unions. He is standing as a socialist, anti-cuts candidate and has pledged to oppose privatisation and all cuts to council jobs and services.

Paul says: “Harrogate council should refuse to implement the cuts, and instead set a budget which meets people’s needs. We should not be made to pay for an economic crisis that we did not create. The council should use reserves to avoid cuts and maintain services, while campaigning for central government to make up any shortfall in funding.

Housing is a key issue for Harrogate with rents in the private sector rocketing and a lack of affordable homes. I am campaigning for:

  • Rent controls to bring private rents into line with social housing
  • Council-run, not-for-profit letting agencies
  • A “rent council” made up of housing workers, tenants and trade unions to determine fair rents in Harrogate
  • All housing services to be brought back in-house, along with a major programme of council house building
  • The abolition of the bedroom tax and a no evictions policy    

I am also campaigning for a living wage for Harrogate of a minimum of £10 an hour and an end to zero hour contracts in council jobs.

All the main parties and UKIP are united in supporting privatisation, cuts to local services and austerity. They all believe in making us pay the price for the bankers’ greed and speculation.

I believe that TUSC is providing the only real alternative in this election, defending local services and opposing cuts and privatisation.”

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Would you like to help with Paul’s campaign in High Harrogate? For further information, please contact harrogatesocialists@gmail.com

For information about TUSC nationally, visit: http://www.tusc.org.uk