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The next meeting of Harrogate Socialist Party will be on Tuesday 7th October, beginning 7.30 pm. All welcome!

The venue is the Stone Beck pub, Jenny Field Drive, Harrogate, HG3 2XQ


Join us for a discussion on the implications of the Scottish referendum, both in regard to Scotland and the UK as a whole.

The independence campaign in Scotland won the support of more than 1.6 million people, overwhelmingly from the working-class. This was in the face of bullying and intimidation from the British capitalist establishment and their “Project Fear” campaign, backed by the media, big business and politicians.

If a mass workers’ party had existed it could have mobilised far greater support for a Yes vote. It’s vital that socialists and trade unionists build on the radicalisation that has taken place during the referendum and establish a new political force for the working-class in Scotland.

182-coverFor a socialist perspective on the aftermath of the referendum and perspectives for the UK, see the following article from the current issue of Socialism Today, the monthly journal of the Socialist Party:


Harrogate anti-war vigil – Thursday 9th October

Anti-war activists have organised a weekly vigil in Harrogate to protest against imperialist intervention in Iraq and Syria. The vigils are taking place every Thursday from 5.30 to 6.30 pm at the Cenotaph in the town centre.

Stop the War 10We need a large public expression of opposition to a third Iraq War which will lead to a devastating conflict in Syria and beyond.

The next vigil is this coming Thursday, 9th October. All welcome! Please bring a sign/poster or something to say why you are protesting.

Saturday street stall – No to imperialist war! – 11th October

Harrogate Socialist Party will also be holding a street stall on Saturday 11th October against the imperialist intervention in the Middle-East. We will be campaigning for:

  • No to air-strikes. No to mission creep. US-led bombings will worsen the sectarian divisions in the region
  • Fight for rights and decent conditions for refugees
  • Protect the rights of minorities and the right to self-determination
  • Build a mass struggle to oppose the warmongers, including a new workers’ party to oppose war and austerity

The stall will take place on Cambridge Street, beginning at 11.00 and finishing around 1.00. All welcome!