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The first meeting of the Harrogate Futures Forum will take place on Tuesday 25th November. The forum has been established as a broad-based campaign group to bring together local activists in Harrogate.

The meeting will be on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The venue is the Friends Meeting House, 12A Queen Parade, Harrogate and the start-time is 7.30pm. Admission is free. All welcome!

A threat to public services!

TTIP (1)TTIP is a multi-billion dollar agreement between the United States and the EU which guarantees access to public services for multinational corporations.

The deal has been under negotiation behind closed doors since July 2013 and could be concluded by the end of this year. If approved, TTIP would further deregulate finance, genetically modified organisms and fracking.

The most dangerous aspect of TTIP is the “investor-state dispute settlement” (ISDS). This would effectively lock-in the privatisation of public services such as the NHS. Corporations could bring claims against governments in secret courts whenever they felt that their business interests were being affected by national laws or policies. US private healthcare companies could demand access to run NHS services and be entitled to legally sue the government if they were denied.

For a socialist perspective on TTIP, see the following article from The Socialist, the weekly newspaper of the Socialist Party:


If you would like to get involved in the campaign against TTIP in Harrogate, please contact us at: harrogatesocialists[at]gmail.com

No to EU austerity!

TTIP (2)

From its inception as the “Common Market”, the EU has systematically underpinned and reinforced neoliberal measures. The EU capitalist project is fundamentally a series of inter-governmental treaties that act in the interests of the capitalist classes.

In spite of the fig leaf of a few workers’ rights, the EU’s directives and treaties push forward the interests of capitalism – deregulation and privatisation.

For a socialist critique of the EU, see the following links: