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Refugees (1)

Hundreds of thousands of people across Britain are signing petitions and giving food, clothes and money to help the refugees fleeing the world’s war zones. This is in marked contrast to Cameron and the right-wing media who initially dismissed the refugees as a “swarm”. Cameron, under public pressure, has now said that he would allow up to 20,000 Syrian refugees to enter Britain over the next five years – six per constituency each year! He is also still refusing to take any refugees that are already in Europe.

In regard to the impact on our public services, it is austerity and not migration that is responsible for the current strain. The previous Tory/Lib-Dem government cut £80 billion from public spending. There has been a 37% cut in council services over the last 5 years, supported by every Labour council. As well as taking in refugees, councils should be refusing to implement any further cuts to public services and campaigning for additional funds from central government.

For a socialist perspective on the refugee crisis, see the following article from The Socialist, the weekly newspaper of the Socialist Party:


A petition calling on Harrogate Borough Council to house 50 refugee families has gained hundreds of signatures. Make your voice heard by signing the petition here:


Support the fire-fighters!

Harrogate Socialists campaigned in the town centre yesterday against the planned cuts to the fire service in North Yorkshire. There was a great response from the public, with hundreds of signatures gained for the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) petition.

The petition can still be signed online at the following link:


To participate in the consultation and oppose the changes to all fire stations, please fill in the following North Yorkshire Fire services consultation questionnaire:


The FBU have also launched a website to highlight the detrimental impact of the cuts and the threat posed to public safety:



Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party: Where next? – Harrogate Socialist Party Meeting, Tuesday 13th October

Jeremy Corbyn’s victory has enthused millions and shaken the political establishment. Our next branch meeting will discuss how best to consolidate this success and build a mass movement against austerity in the face of attacks by the right-wing dominated Parliamentary Labour Party and the capitalist class.

The meeting will be on Tuesday 13th October, starting 7.45 pm. All welcome!

The venue is: St. Robert’s Club, Robert Street (opposite Waitrose), Harrogate, HG1 1HP

For further analysis from the Socialist Party regarding Corbyn’s victory, see the following links: