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Harrogate Socialist Party members campaigning against the cuts during the 2015 consultation.

At the North Yorkshire Fire Authority meeting on 13th December, the decision was taken unanimously to reverse the decision taken three years ago to reduce crewing of Tactical Response Vehicles (TRVs) to just three firefighters. This vehicles will now return to a minimum crew of four.

Iain Dalton, North Yorkshrie Socialist Party Organiser

This is a victory for all those who have been campaigning over this issue for the last two and a half years. Socialist Party members across North Yorkshire, played a crucial part in building public opposition to these proposals when they were first announced, particularly in Harrogate where we held stalls alongside local FBU activists.


Campaigning with North Yorks FBU branch chair Simon Wall against the cuts in 2015.

This decision, however, doesn’t fully reverse the cuts, as the TRVs themselves were newly introduced in 2015, replacing large, more fully equipped fire engines, as well as following from a reduction of 50 firefighter posts lost between 2010 and 2015.

Nevertheless, FBU members and other involved in the campaign will be celebrating a setback for the austerity agenda in this largely Tory-dominated county.